Lead Generation

Looking for a constant stream of high-quality sales leads? Don’t have the expertise and resources in-house to generate them? DSS is your answer.


We deliver proven lead generation services with a strategic focus, deep experience and the efficiencies of state-of-the-art automation tools, all of it for around half of the cost of doing it locally. Plus, every DSS campaign is unique. We agree the right mix of channels with you, invest in understanding your brand and your offer, and generate content and scripts tailored to your market.

Our Lead Generation Services

Email Marketing

We know the difference between successful email campaigns and the also-rans. DSS starts with campaign design, research, quality lists and content that majors on inspiration and education. It’s a strategic approach backed by a full suite of services: PDF and email templates, newsletters, email blasting, database management and sophisticated reporting.

Social Media Marketing

Unlocking the potential of social media means staying on top of advances in a wide range of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, and LinkedIn. DSS’ social media professionals have an intimate understanding of these fast-evolving platforms and can design and execute campaigns that get your results.

Appointment Setting

Tap into the power of a successful outbound calling team with excellent spoken English, neutral accents and experience in adjusting their delivery to account for the cultural differences found in geographies ranging from Singapore and Hong Kong to Australia and the US.

Benefits of Outsourcing Lead Generation Services Services to DSS

Save Time

We’re experts at the time-consuming groundwork that is critical to successful lead generation campaigns. We research markets, compile contact lists and execute campaigns efficiently, leaving you free to concentrate on growing your business.

Cost Reductions

With DSS, you get the benefits of seasoned international management and an experienced lead generation team at costs far below what you would typically pay locally.


DSS is great at long-run lead generation assignments but we’re just as happy to work our magic on one-off events and other short-term campaigns. Either way, you can expect flexible contracts that don’t tie you down.

We’ve been helping businesses across English-speaking markets since 2016 and have a record of getting results for clients in sectors ranging from finance to healthcare and professional services, and everything in between.


We’d love to connect with you! Let the DSS team show you how our lead generation portfolio can help you grow your business.

Our Services

Find the perfect service fit for your business!


We’re much, much more than lead generation. DSS offers a broad range of digital marketing, IT support, software development and other outsourced services, all backed by vastly experienced international management and a passion for getting results.

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