The Tough Questions You Should Ask Your Low-Code Development Partner

Chances are your next enterprise application will be built on a low-code platform such as OutSystems. But not all low-code development partners are the same. How do you choose the right one? 

Here’s what we suggest, based on the DSS team’s experience with customers who are well versed in the methodology and those who are adapting it for the first time: 


How experienced is your development team? 

If you’re looking at an OutSystems project, be aware that developers with experience in the platform are in high demand and many suppliers may well stack your project team with inexperienced people. That’s not good enough; you should expect a good mix of senior, mid-level and junior developers on the job. Be fussy here and ask for the details: how much OutSystems experience will there be on your project? 


Is the full range of skills available? 

Developers are essential to your project but they cannot deliver it on their own. Does your development partner offer UI UX skills? Are there experienced Quality Assurance (QA) staff on hand to, for example, rigorously define acceptance and testing criteria not only executing test scenarios? If your partner plans to have its developers do it all, you might be getting a less than a completely professional job. 


Can your partner support your app once it’s built? 

Yes, plenty of developers can build your new app. But can they enhance and develop it as your business evolves, and can they fix any bugs in the years that follow? Ask for a contract that covers both the initial development, deployment and ongoing support for the subsequent lifecycle of the app. 


Is the pricing transparent? 

Ah, the traps that can be found here! Are hardware costs included? Project management costs? In general, hidden overhead costs? Ask for a fully blended price; if it’s not forthcoming, look elsewhere. 


The right development partner will make all the difference to your next software development project. Want to know more? Start the conversation with us [email protected]. 


  • Graeme Miller is DSS’ Client Solutions Director. He confesses to more than 20 years of experience in IT-enabled change projects as both a customer and a supplier.  
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