IT Support Services

Custom applications and solutions can be perceived as a threat rather than a driving force in smooth business management. Simplifying various incidents, problems, and project management has become tougher for teams. These concerns have led to businesses mistakenly investing more time and money in different areas to address growing needs. Our IT Support Services adhere to best practices for an efficient user assistance framework.


Direct Sourcing Solutions has a team of trained support professionals who specialise in various IT support functions and can remotely assist in custom applications and equipment from any location across the globe. This will allow you and your team to focus on tasks that are more crucial to your business growth.

Our IT Support Services

IT Service Management

Assign an outsourced support desk who can remotely support both pre-existing and custom applications. Users can be assisted in standard desktop software, applications, and IT equipment. Our process management follows the ITIL framework, paving the way for efficient delivery of support services that improve overall customer experience.

Desktop and User Support

We can help tailor and implement a framework based on best practices that have been tested by DSS. Customisation of a support desk may also include reactive response measures to problems and incidents. Some of the specific tasks in a tailored support desk can include recoding of logged calls and the creation of monthly reports with trend analysis.

Server and Network Support

The best practice model followed by our team includes regular preventative maintenance routines such as clearing of log files, application of patches, performance tuning, and installation of security updates. Our infrastructure management is available 24/7 and can be reached from any location around the world to assist users as well as to conduct monitoring and fault resolution. This service also includes the creation of SLAs when it comes to incident response and resolution.

Security and Virus Protection

Keep your computers, servers, and company data safe with enterprise-grade security and virus protection service. Let our team of experts handle all of your security needs. We will assess your security with our deep security audit focusing on hardware, cloud, physical security, retention, policy, and more.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Any downtime or loss of data can result in lost revenue, lost of customers, poor productivity, penalties or litigation, and damage to your brand reputation. DSS’ backup and disaster recovery service is designed to meet the demands of enterprises to bring resiliency to business models delivering uninterrupted service.

Email and Cloud Services

As with other services in the Cloud, the benefits of adopting Cloud email are most often realised in reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency. It allows your business to have a virtual office, which you can access anytime and anywhere.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support Services to DSS

Improve Efficiency

Allowing DSS to manage your IT support will spare your team from spending their time preventing disruptions and addressing unexpected concerns. Instead, they will get to focus more on tasks that improve customer satisfaction.

Reduce Operational Costs

Outsourcing a dedicated and trained IT to support team would cost less compared to hiring more office-based staff which requires additional infrastructure expenses. An offshore service desk will deliver the same quality of work and results at practically lesser costs.

Improve Effectiveness

Getting non-core tasks off your hands can increase the ability of your in-house team to perform non-technical tasks and produce high-quality outputs.


The creation of accountability through the standardisation in IT management service helps IT organisations to improve compliance with IT policies and procedures, helping businesses to create a high level of visibility into how the IT organisation delivers services across different functions.

DSS’ trained support professionals keep our business up and running at the same time as they do the same thing for customers in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Singapore.


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